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49ers-Raiders Fan Fight Includes Joe Montana Vs. Joe Montana [Video]

Yes, the images are blurry, but we needed an intro photo so this is what you get from last night in San Fran where it was 49ers on Raiders violence. (There was parking lot gunfire after the game, too.) Need we say it again about preseason NFL football? Cheap or free tickets, plus a weekend night game equals extremely drunk fans ready to fight. Why fight? Because they’re degenerates who are out of work, going through a divorce and paying child support on three kids. We benefit. 

Is that a 49ers throwback jersey going toe-to-toe with Montana fan? Yessir!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: We’re pretty sure this is a rarity. It looks like Raiders-49ers fan vs. Raiders-49ers fan. Extremely rare to find the two sides teaming up against the other. It’s good to see Montana throwing bombs.

Climax of Video: Throwback coat starts getting the worst of the fight.

Conclusion: The guy one row below the fight usually gets tattooed. It’s all about reach difference. Smarten up, America. At least go up into the row and start dropping bombs. Be on equal footing.

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