My New Favorite Chiefs Creeper Van — The Arrowhead Assault Vehicle


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The guys behind the Arrowhead Assault Vehicle debuted changes they made over the offseason at Thursday night’s Bengals-Chiefs game. Longtime BC followers know that we’re huge fans of tailgating vehicles and advancements made in the field. I wasn’t aware of the AAV until this morning via @bishopthababer‘s photos, but now I’m a big fan. I’ve been looking for a tailgating idea that combined decent gas mileage and comfort. AAV provides both.

Think about costs for a minute: Tickets to 8-10 games, booze, satellite TV charges, food, gas, ice, etc. It adds up. That’s why I can’t understand why more tailgaters haven’t gone the creeper van route over the RV. You still have room in the creeper van to inflate an air mattress or fold down a seat and enjoy a quality night sleep. Just look at the AAV amenities. I see a TV. Is that an Xbox? There’s even carpet in that van.

How do these guys grill, you ask? Look at this BBQ pit hauler. Game. Over.



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