Nick Saban & Kliff Kingsbury In A Bro War?

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Oh, the war of NCAA coach smokeshows is on. IT’S ON KINGSBURY. You didn’t think Saban would see the shirtless photo and just let it slide. Hell no he’s not.

It’s no mistake that Nick Saban has been appearing on IG videos this summer featuring his players tubing and shredding Lake Burton on Nick’s insane SeaDoos. The guy understands that he’s in a war against younger, ripped coaches who are coming after recruits in ways that weren’t seen 10-15 years ago when guys like Kliff weren’t coaching college teams. So Nick adapted. He threw on his khakis and pink Polo and told his players it’s time to enjoy his toys.

Saban knows that recruits will see these videos. It’s a brilliant move. You present yourself as in charge, yet still one of the bros who enjoys bro-ing out on the lake.

Would I be surprised if Kingsbury goes out and buys a lake house and boat? I wouldn’t be shocked at all, but not until he gets that massive job that’s coming his way (I wonder how Kliff would like Gainesville?). Until then, KK will leak shirtless pics here and there to show recruits that if you play for him, it’s going to be Poon City for four years of your life. You’ll be giving four years of your life to Poon Tech and it’ll be the best four years of your life.

Meanwhile, Saban knows he’s not going to win a shirtless war. He’s 62 and a grandpa.

There’s a reason photos like this are getting out. The guy doesn’t let anything slip without a purpose.