LSU Expands Tiger Stadium To 102,321 Seats, Selling Tickets On Living Social

Maybe you’ve heard that LSU added new luxury boxes and a few seats for the 2014 season. You’ve probably also heard that Tiger Stadium now seats 102,321, making it the 6th biggest college football stadium. You’ve probably also heard that the premium seats that were added are already sold out for the season. That’s all really, really good news.
But have you heard that LSU is selling tickets on Living Social? They are. That’s how hard it is right now to sell college football tickets. You can’t get LSU fans to buy $30 tickets to see Sam Houston St., UL-Monroe or New Mexico State. So it’s better for the SEC part of the schedule, right? Those $60 tickets to Mississippi State and Kentucky are also at half-price. That means that LSU is discounting tickets to all home games but the Ole Miss and Alabama games.
That’s where we’re at with college football. The best fan experience in college football has now lowered itself to actually begging fans to stop out on a Saturday.
From TigerDroppings:

It’s easy to bash Iowa and Michigan for having trouble filling seats, but this isn’t just a Big Ten thing. Last year, UCLA sold tickets to its game against Washington on Living Social. The Bruins were #9 while the Huskies were #20. It’s also an ACC problem. In 2013, Syracuse decided to sell tickets to its home game against Clemson. The Tigers were #3 in the nation at the time. Do you smell trouble down the road if you have to beg fans to come see the #3 team in the nation?
Today’s lesson: Stop buying tickets on StubHub or from the ticket office. Just wait outside the stadium for some guy to give them away or keep an eye on Living Social and buy at half-price.

[lead image via @JacquesDoucet]

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