Matthew Stafford & Fiancee Kelly Hall Star In New Dish Network Commercial





I can’t remember another athlete commercial where the athlete’s fiancee was in the commercial with him. Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall have broken down that barrier with this new commercial from DISH that’s about to show up on your TV for the next six months.

According to the PR rep who sent word about the commercial:

In “Day Job,” Stafford’s fiancée Kelly Hall joins him in the operating room, as Stafford attempts his first surgery. Hall puts her nursing school skills to use in the spot, assisting Stafford and wiping his brow, which is returned by a wink from Stafford.

No joke, Hall recently graduated from nursing school.

It’s a broken record by now, but these two are still my favorite NFL couple. They never fail to end up getting hammered on a boat, or appearing in commercials, or just being fun without getting ridiculous to where they end up on SportsCenter. Sure, it would be nice for Staffs, 26, to start winning playoff games. 4,500+ yard passing seasons are nice, but when you have Calvin Johnson and that offense, you have to start winning in January.

The good news this year for the Lions is that the schedule, on paper, is manageable. 2014 opponents had a .492 winning percentage in 2013.