Matthew Stafford Man Cans At July 4th Houseboat Red Cup Bash [Photos]

Why do we continue to track Matthew Stafford’s man cans? Because Busted Coverage happens to like the Detroit Lions and we see a guy who, photographed July 4th weekend, doesn’t exactly look like he’s been on a strict cardio regimen. It’s no secret that Staffs likes his beer. We’ve documented his recent beer runs, yet Matt tells that he’s been staying fit during the lockout. JULY 4TH HOUSEBOAT BASH TIME!


In no way does Busted Coverage advocate for Matthew Stafford to stop drinking. This is a business. We love when Staffs pounds a few red cups and lets the nips breath. Good for our business. But, bro, grab a mirror. Those cans are about to get in the way of that rocket right arm.

Here is what Staffs last week told fantasy blogger Michael Fabiano:

NFL: What have you been doing during the lockout?

Stafford: Just trying to stay fit, stay ready to go. I had shoulder surgery obviously earlier this offseason. That’s something I battled through. I rehabbed for about 10-12 weeks and I feel great now. I’ve been trying to fine-tune my game ever since.

NFL: How difficult was the rehabilitation process?

Stafford: It was six days a week for 10-12 weeks, three to four hours a day in the facility, trying to get better. I pushed myself really hard and healed up a lot quicker than most people, which was a blessing and great for me so I can start working on my game again. I really don’t think about my shoulder anymore.

Now, Team Busted Coverage isn’t going to impress very many with our knowledge of what rehab does for the body, but if we were the Ford family the rehab dude would be fired or Staffs is fibbing. 3-4 days for 10-12 weeks would surely burn the man cans down to tin cans, no?

Stafford also predicts that his body is in good enough shape to stick around for 16 games.

Now, we’re not saying that red cup is filled with Bud Light. Our lawyers have warned us to make such assumptions, so we’ll leave that to you. Looks like a booze-fest to us but, again, who are we to make such assumptions.

You’ve been warned, Detroit.

[Stafford appeared to be a picture of fitness in mid-May –]

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