I Stopped By Browns Training Camp To See What Browns Fans Were Wearing




I had a couple goals going into today’s visit to Browns training camp in Berea, Ohio.

1. Find as many fans wearing jerseys of failed Browns quarterbacks since 1999. I spotted the following jerseys: Frye, Couch, Quinn, McCoy (two young boys rocking the Colt), one Hoyer and thousands of Manziels. The one modified jersey that stuck out was a guy wearing a “True Fan Since  [80].” I guess the real hardcore modified jersey guys were actually at jobs.

2. See how Cleveland fans were handling the hype of Manziel.

Maybe it was because it was Monday and the weather was terrible — mid-60s, high winds, few rain drops here and there — but the fans today at camp were pretty subdued. They were obviously there to see Money do his thing. I was expecting more guys screaming like maniacs, which has happened during previous visits over the years. Not today. No Johnny chants. Of course people went nuts with their phones every time John was under center. I actually hate to say this…Browns fans were actually pretty levelheaded about things.

Johnny made a couple escapes that got people excited, but they didn’t jump out of their seats and start high-fiving after those plays.




Overall, it felt pretty much like any other Browns camp minus all the people wearing #2 jerseys. Sure, the team shop tent was selling $10 orange Johnny towels and multiple versions of Johnny shirts. I don’t remember seeing anything with “Hoyer” for sale. The one big change I noticed was that the Browns had a DJ spinning tunes. That might’ve been going on in previous years, but I don’t remember it happening. It was nice for Manziel to have music to energize his game.

Only modified Peyton Hillis I saw: 




Time to modify it or put it in the closet. The guy went 22-37: 









Travis Prentice played in 16 games for the Browns … IN 2000! 

Travis Prentice sighting



Undercover cop:


Undercover cop



Loved the below-the-knee cargos and the personalized lineman jersey:









Loyal to the hometown guy who went 6-13 for the Brownies:





Backwards hat mom. Rare sight right here:

Backwards hat mom



Roll Tide:

Roll Tide



Took a day off work to iPad some Johnny camp footage:




Throw an INT with :49 left and on the Raiders 13-yard-line with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line and they’ll wear your jersey forever in NE Ohio. Yes, his hat says “Dead Guy.” 


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