A-Rod Going HAM On Workouts Since Chase Headley's Arrival

Think Alex Rodriguez heard that the Yankees acquired Chase Headley on Tuesday? You bet your ass he did. Look at that workout form (above). Looks like someone is getting ready to reclaim the hot corner in the Bronx in 2015.
Before new New York third baseman Headley arrived at Yankee Stadium to help the home team beat the punchless Rangers, 2-1, in extra innings on Tuesday, Pete Holman, Director of Rip Training at TRX, was already posting pics of A-Rod showing off the muscles responsible for 654 career home runs (not to mention an MLB-mandated season-long hiatus for his involvement in the Biogenesis mess).
Some New York media members have already speculated that Headley is merely a late-season rental, but A-Rod isn’t taking any chances. Hell, he’s probably taking grounders in between Whole Foods runs.
The suspended third baseman has kept a low profile this season — eating lunch alone and hanging out at Stanford — while most of his teammates have underachieved at the plate. It has to be absolutely killing the former MVP not to be there to step all over Derek Jeter’s farewell season.
You think he’ll lobby to be named captain next spring? We can’t wait to see the gifts Rodriguez gets once he announces his retirement, which may be 2017 — the year the Yanks are scheduled to finish paying off the $61 million they still owe to him.
For now, Yanks fans will keep bellyaching about “four out of five starting pitchers being hurt” (Sabathia, Tanaka, Pineda and Nova) this season. Never mind that they’ve already added Jeff Francis and Brandon McCarthy and aren’t done yet.
Somehow, the scrappy Bronx Bombers will have to stay in the playoff chase with seven former all-stars in their everyday lineup, plus the ever-punchable face of Brett Gardner and now Headley. Great underdog story in the making right there.
Still shredded:

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