Pageviews Really, Really Jonesing For Engagement Ring




Did I call this or did I call this? Erin Andrews WANTS JARRET STOLL TO MARRY HER AND SHE WANTS TO GET MARRIED NOW! She’d get married this weekend if all her ESPN girlfriends could make it to Los Angeles by Saturday.

I’ve only been saying this for like six months. And now Good Morning America got Pageviews to admit it. She’s officially putting Stolly on notice.

“I’ve definitely dropped hints here and there,” she said. “But we haven’t looked at rings. … Nothing there yet, the ball’s in his court,” she added laughing. “But no we are fine! We’ve had enough on our plate for the last two years of dating and haven’t really gone there yet.”

Dropped hints?┬áThat’s usually a bad sign. Stoll is 32; Pageviews is 36. He was once engaged to Rachel Hunter.

I’m going on the record right now and saying in a majority of cases where a woman says “the ball’s in his court,” things are going to end badly. There’s either an ugly breakup or an eventual divorce coming down the road. I’ve watched enough of the Bachelorette to know where this is heading.

A desperate woman is not a good look.

There is, however, an option for Pageviews, according to a May report from CBS News.

That may seem obvious, but consider this: Three-fourths of Americans say it would be fine for the woman to do the proposing, in theory.

In practice, only about 5 percent of those currently married say the woman proposed, and the figure is no higher among couples wed within the past 10 years. Attitudes actually seem to be trending the other way, an Associated Press-WE tv poll shows.

Young adults are more likely than their elders to consider it “unacceptable” for a woman to do the asking. More than one-third of those under age 30 disapprove.

They’ll be engaged before Labor Day. Mark it down.

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