Hoodie Pounding Crabs And Coronas



I have no idea when this photo of Hoodie and Linda Holliday was taken, but once again it provides us with a glimpse into the other life Bill lives away from the football field. We now know the guy likes to drink Coronas with his crabs. That’s a revelation. We did not know that. We knew, from previous reporting, that Hoodie will smile for photos that include Holliday.

I know, you’ve never seen the guy smile. That’s because you’ve never seen him with his dime piece, a Corona and a pile of crabs.

Patriots training camp opens to the public on Thursday and will include the return of Gronk. The other big news heading into camp is that Belichick wants to win without Brady, according to NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

He was on the Toucher and Rich Show on Monday to explain:

“Here’s the one thing I’ve heard consistently over the past few years: Belichick wants to win without Brady,” said Breer. “Whether that’s here in New England or somewhere else I don’t know. You hear this from people around him that one of the things he would like to do is win a Super Bowl without having the benefit of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.”

That’s funny and so stupid. So Bill wants to try to win a title with a marginal QB like a Trent Dilfer? Stop it, Breer. Someone is jerking your chain.