Scotty B. Was At The Houston Rockets Dancer Finals Last Night


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Maybe it’s a sign of getting old and that my ways of looking at life are changing. I told Houston photographer Scott Byrne this morning that I wasn’t really liking the edgy look at last night’s Houston Power Dancers finals where the 2014-15 team was selected. I’m just not digging the black, “I’m going to kick you in the nuts when you aren’t looking,” appearance. And the girls, obviously who have been coached to be edgy, have a hard time forcing out a smile.

It’s like a Jay Z concert is going to breakout at any moment and these chicks are the backup dancers.

Like I said, it’s probably just that I’m getting old and don’t mind sitting down for a House Hunters or American Pickers marathon. Six years ago these chicks could’ve looked like zebras with purple hair and I would’ve been down. Of course I wasn’t married in those days and didn’t own a house.

Now I’m all into keeping things comfortable. Give me the Houston Texans cheerleaders dancing in a supermarket. I can relate to that. I picture myself going to the store to get a couple pounds of marinated chicken and all of a sudden I round the corner to find 16 cheerleaders twerking in the kidney bean section.

I’m just beyond the Power Dancers acting like they’re in some dark club dancing for Drake stage of life. I guess it happens. It’s not that I’m that far out of the dark club stage of life. If some brand wants to give me free passes to go drink tequila and watch Lil Jon spin for a bunch of hip New Yorkers, I’m down. The appetizers at those events are amazing.

Congratulations to the ladies who’ll be dancing next season for Carmelo. Good luck on your journey to the Western Conference Finals.

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