Greg Oden Going Hard In Vegas, Dale Jr. Tat & More Of Lindsey Duke

morning twitpics


I spent 3/4 of my Sunday either on the couch, curled up in a ball in bed or puking in the toilet. It wasn’t a Sunday Funday. It sucked. Bad. And it wasn’t even an alcohol-induced puke. It was just your average stomach bug where you puke out everything you’ve eaten all weekend, then you have to be careful how much water you drink because you might puke that up, and then you get a headache that feels like some dude hit you with a 2X4.

Anyway, it looks like I didn’t miss much on the Internet. You know it’s a slow weekend when Manziel’s big Friday out was eating Chipotle while waiting on this Wingstop order. 

This should be the last slow weekend because NFL training camps open this week.

In baseball news, from @EliasSports:

Clayton Kershaw allowed 3 ER last night; his ERA is 2.01 in his last 100 starts. Since 2000, only 4 pitchers had an ERA < 2.00 over 100 GS.

That’s pretty good.