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Eyewitness: Manziel Destroyed Chipotle While Waiting For Wingstop Order



What do we know about John’s Friday night? He went hard in California (LA?). He went hard in a Nike sweatpants and sweatjacket combo. One eyewitness at a strip mall reports that she actually saw Manziel destroying a meal while waiting on a meal.


Just look at this report:

Picture 2

Now let’s talk about those sweatpants. Too tight? Those things look a little too tight, but I’m not 21 and don’t buy Nike sweatpants so I really wouldn’t know what the style is these days. I always assumed when athletes go sweatpants at Chipotle and Wingstop, they like them to be baggy. You know, like they’re slumming it on a Friday night.

Sounds like the kind of night Jimmy Haslam wants to see out of his starting quarterback.

Picture 1




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