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Paulina Headed To The U.K., Lindsey Duke Resurfaces & Manziel Bathroom Clone

Went hard last night


I said it yesterday and I’m still saying this morning, it’s hard to take the British Open seriously this year because guys are wearing short sleeves and Rory is at -14. That’s not the British Open I grew up with. Where is the wind? Where is the constant mist for 13 hours? Where are the 61 degree temperatures?

You know how I know the elements aren’t shit this year? That pussy Sergio Garcia is wearing short sleeves. Google weather says it’s 73-degrees over there right now. That unacceptable.

In baseball news, from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Giancarlo Stanton with another mammoth HR today (calculated at 466 feet). He has more 450-foot HR than any other team

He is making $6,500,000 this season

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