Charles Barkley Crushed This Tee Shot

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The only time I laughed over an eight-hour period on Sunday when I was puking and sick as a dog was when NBC interviewed Charles Barkley during the American Century Championship rain delay. Chuck was asked about why he can look so good on the driving range and then so bad on the tee box. He said it had to do with performing in front of crowds. He also mentioned that sucking at golf isn’t as bad as sucking at life, or something like that. There was also the part of the interview where Charles said the first event he schedules¬†each January when filling out his planner is the American Century.

It damn near brought a tear to my eye.

When asked if he wanted Annika Sorenstam to beat the guys (Roenick and Mark Rypien), Chuck was honest as always. He wanted Roenick to win because they’re neighbors in Arizona and he wanted to have a reason to drink when they got home.

As always, Charles finished last (-98; that’s not good) and didn’t manage a single par the entire weekend. He did have five bogeys over three rounds, which, in the American Century scoring system, means he didn’t lose points.