Barkley Crushed A One-Handed Tee Shot At American Century Tourney


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Chuck, like normal when he visits Tahoe for the American Century Championship, went balls to the walls on Thursday night buying beers for┬áhundreds of people so he didn’t really care what his golf swing looked like on Friday morning.

As you can see, here at #1, Barkley didn’t even bother swing with two hands. It was just one of those mornings for Chuckster. The only good news about his Friday round was that he finished next to last…to Hilary Knight, a hockey player for Team USA.

Chuck, 51, shot a 106 (here’s his scorecard) after a night of hard partying. That’s a real drinking pro.

The tournament leader is Chad Pfeifer, an Iraq War veteran who lost a leg in combat; Annika Sorenstam is tied for 4th. Full leaderboard – here.

Here’s what fans came to see:



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