Aaron Murray Might As Well Marry Kacie McDonnell — Now



Aaron Murray should take like $10,000 of his signing bonus, go to Jared’s, tell the jeweler he needs the best diamond he can get for his money and walk out the door with the rock he’s going to put on Kacie McDonnell. There is a career peak for football players and Murray is at that peak. He’s not going to get a hotter girlfriend and he’s a 5th round pick ready to be cut after a couple years holding a play chart.

Now is the time. Strike while the iron is hot.

You see that Insty photo up top? That’s from today in Pennsylvania where McDonnell calls home.

Kacie wrote:

Fun long family weekend in Philly/Pottsville! Back at it tomorrow!

Life just isn’t going to get better for Aaron Murray. His stock is as high as it’s ever going to get. Now is the time. You can’t afford to go off to the Chiefs in July and leave Kacie in Philly without a ring. Trust me. I’m your elder. I’ve seen NFL guys make huge mistakes. This wouldn’t be a huge mistake.

You don’t want to be like your goofy ass brother looking for love on the Bachelorette.

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