MLB Ball Girls: Meet Nationals Ball Girl Olivia

It didn’t take long for you guys to tip me off to another hot MLB Ball Girl from the Nationals Ball Girl stable after posting yesterday about Ball Girl Tori. I don’t know who is in charge of hiring the Nationals Ball Girls, but the dude deserves a raise. The guy is hitting home runs with these chicks. They’re fun, they drink, they post bikini photos and they have guys coming to the ballpark.
So meet Olivia (@OliviaWard33).
She eats massive burritos. Likes booze. Fishes. Did I mention she’s a fan of Jack? She really, really likes Jack. She’s pretty much like you and I when it comes to boozing.
I don’t know where this MLB Ball Girl series is headed, but two days into this and I’m thinking this might be one of the better ideas I’ve ever had. This is exactly what MLB should be promoting. I had no idea that MLB Ball Girls even had bikini Insty photos. I just assumed they were all prudes that protected foul territory and went home to read science fiction novels.
I was sooooo wrong. Olivia, who is a sorority girl at Radford, just destroyed all the stereotypes I ever had about ball girls.
Is there a ball girl out there we need to know about? Let me know.
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MLB Ball Girls: Meet Nationals Ball Girl Tori
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