Japanese Baseball Fans Are Freaks




Where do I start with this? As you already know, I’ve been dabbling more and more into the world of Asian baseball. The fascination with Asian Bat Flippers has been properly documented and dissected. The natural progression to this Asian baseball fascination is to get into the world of the fans. That led me to what you see here.

1.) That appears to be a guy.

2.) The guy is wearing a Daichi Ohsera (Hiroshima Carp) jersey.

3.) This seems to be from a subway station.

4.) The photos were posted last week.

Name a guy who hasn’t wanted to wear wrestling pants and a Bryce Harper jersey into a subway. You can’t. It’s hot down there. Remember the Florida Gators crossdresser? Japanese Baseball Weirdo isn’t much different than Florida Gators crossdresser. Both just want to flaunt that shit. Let it all out.








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