The Florida Gators Cross-Dresser Has Landed In Miami



BC reader @USC_Grad sent an urgent message this afternoon that his buddy had landed in Miami for tomorrow’s Gators-Hurricanes game and ran into the infamous airport cross-dresser.

The big news today is that Airport Cross-Dresser Guy was in his Florida Gators gear.

Our tipster reported:

Miami airport unbelievable. It just was posted on my FB page from friend that landed at MIA 3 hours ago. Wow

This should go over well on SEC message boards.

You might remember that this is the guy who dresses like a slut in airports all across the country.

Photographs of the man traveling through airports around the country in women’s underwear appear on several websites. The man said he often agrees to pose for travelers’ snapshots, but thought the pictures were for personal use instead of public┬ádisplay.

“I have a lot at stake here,” he said, when explaining why he did not want his name published. “I’m a business consultant and would be extremely vulnerable to being discredited. … This is just something I do for fun. I don’t mean any┬áharm.”

If you spot Airport Cross-Dresser Guy in Miami, take a photo and send it in.


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