I Need Scottie Pippen's Pool

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The only problem I can see with getting Scottie Pippen’s house is that it’s for sale at the reasonable price of $11.8 million. He’s had the place on and off the market since at least 2011 when I first wrote about the mansion.
Look at the fun those kids are having. The waterfall. The fake rocks. The luxury of growing up in a 13,500 sq. ft. mansion. Nearly brings a tear to my eye thinking about what life would’ve been like as Scottie Pippen’s child instead of just some kid from the Ohio cornfields.
The pool parties. The birthday parties at the pool instead of at McDonald’s when they had those cowboy saddle seats. The teenage kegger days when dad was in Europe. The college years when dad was out of town & a dozen chicks from South Beach wanted to stop by.
What could’ve been.


My New Favorite Korean Baseball Headfirst Slide GIF
My New Favorite Korean Baseball Headfirst Slide GIF
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