45-Year-Old New Dad Sammy Sosa Pushing A Baby Stroller




You guys can’t get enough of new father Sammy Sosa enjoying yet another newborn baby, so here we go with Sammy last week at a mall pushing baby Rolando Antonio Sosa. That’s right, he’s a new father at 45. Slammin’ now has five kids.

I remember when Little BC was born almost two years ago. I never pushed him around the mall wearing anything close to what Stylin’ is wearing. Us new fathers know that wearing anything classy is just risking being puked on. However, Slammin’ has been down this road before. He’s a vet. The guy seems to be hands-on with baby Rolando, handling the little slugger while getting on a private jet this week bound for the Bahamas.

Wait, is flying the best thing for a baby that’s four weeks old?

According to BabyCenter.com:

Ideally, your baby should be at least 2 to 3 months old before he flies. This will give his immune system a chance to grow strong enough to resist the germs that often make the rounds in airplane ventilation systems. It also gives the two of you enough time to settle into a routine and master the art of breast- or bottle-feeding.

If you can’t wait that long, your baby should be okay to fly after his 2-week checkup — provided he has a clean bill of health and you had a full-term pregnancy without complications. Premature babies are especially susceptible to germs, so it may take longer before they’re ready to go on an airplane trip.If you have any questions about whether your baby is healthy enough to fly, ask his pediatrician for advice. Note that airlines do not allow any baby younger than 1 week to fly without a doctor’s note.

Just think about this for a minute: Brett Favre is 44 and a grandfather; Slammin’ is carrying a newborn at 45.


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