Stylin’ Sammy Sosa At Hospital With Baby #6



I told you last week that 45-year-old Sammy Sosa became a father again – his sixth child – with the birth of his son Rolando Antonio Sosa. 

Now the hospital photos are starting to leak out and Stylin’ Sammy Sosa didn’t disappoint.

Those of you who are fathers know about the hospital experience. You dress like you’re going to the store for milk. You know the process is going to be long, arduous and you need to be comfortable. The baby is born, you spend a couple days in the hospital and you keep dressing like you’re going to the grocery.

Not Sam.

Of course Stylin’ knows the photos are going to end up filtered on Instagram and he wants to look his best. Who wears a suit to the hospital to hold a newborn?

Stylin’ does.