Brett Favre's Bicep Vein Could Erupt At Any Second

Let’s start by talking about the vein going nuts on Brett Favre’s right bicep. What the hell is about to happen to that thing? A few more curls and that thing is going to burst. It can’t take many more reps. Oh, and is Brett working on a mullet? That looks like a gray tree or a mullet. It’s a mullet. The beard looks trimmed. Not as out of control.
Now, let’s talk about Brett Favre giving pointers to Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong.
Armstrong, the presumed starter in Lincoln, reports:
Blessed to workout with one of the best to ever play in the NFL!!!! Taught me so much today!!
This is actually a genius move by Favre. Go the Gruden route and do your own one-on-one quarterback camps. Charge families ridiculous amounts of money to hang with their son and you’re still home for dinner. You don’t have to waste Saturdays in the fall working for ESPN.
Armstrong was just 6-of-14 in the Gator Bowl against Georgia, but two of those completions were touchdowns in the 24-19 Huskers win. He obviously needs all the help the Grizzly Gunslinger can provide.
[via @Tommy_Gun4]

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