Brett Favre Beard

Jul 22, 2014

Brett Favre Lost His Wedding Ring Playing Beach Volleyball

Do you miss Brett Favre? It wasn’t so long ago that “The Gunslinger” turned the start of NFL training camp...

Jun 12, 2014

Brett Favre Beard Update: Looking Trimmed In Seattle

  You never know where Brett Favre will show up these days. On Wednesday, the Gunslinger just happened to be...

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Jun 2, 2014

Brett Favre Spotted Looking Grizzled In Cabo

    I was starting to wonder what was going on with Brett Favre. He’d been laying low for too...

May 20, 2014

Confirmed: Brett Favre DID Trim His Grizzly Beard

  It’s time for your daily Brett Favre beard update. It seems Brett recently bushwhacked the out-of-control chin lettuce, but...

May 18, 2014

Brett Favre’s Bicep Vein Could Erupt At Any Second

  Let’s start by talking about the vein going nuts on Brett Favre’s right bicep. What the hell is about...

Apr 7, 2014

Brett Favre Beard Update – So Much White

  Looks like Brett Favre was out and about in the neighborhood over the weekend and gave us his latest...

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Mar 28, 2014

Brett Favre Shows Up At Virginia Beach Hotel, Still Bearded

  From spotters on the ground, it seems Brett Favre came out of his bunker for another appearance at some...

Brett Favre Beard Watch

  Brett Favre was spotted in the wild over the weekend in Orlando at the American College of Foot and...

Mar 3, 2014

Brett Favre’s Beard Is Out Of Control

  At long last we see a photo of the quickly aging Brett Favre. His appearance today as guest speaker...

Jan 3, 2014