Nick Saban: "Kiss My Ass"

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You think Nick Saban has time to talk about a Pat White claim that he was offered a Corvette to sign with Alabama before Saban was the school’s coach? He doesn’t. The odd part about this is how quick the Bama representative utters that that was before Nick’s tenure. The reporter barely got the question out.
Wouldn’t a normal handler need to think – for say, 6-7 seconds – about who Pat White is and what happened 10 years ago or so? Not this Bama handler.
He was all over this. I guess he already got word that Pat had dropped this on Facebook. Picture 1
Kudos to @MikeOrganWriter  of the Tennessean to have the nuts to confront Saban over anything Pat White has to say. There’s nothing to see here. Why is it not possible for a five-star recruit like Derrick Henry to afford a nice, new car? RK1c0aJ_medium

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