Ryan Braun’s Wife In Her Underwear – Again



It’s not clear if this new photo of Larisa Fraser, Ryan Braun’s wife, is for a brand or if she just felt like uploading a bra and underwear photo to Facebook for the fun of it.

Look, I’m not going to complain, but what is going on here? Braun has f-you money. We’re talking big time forever money that will be handed down to generations of Brauns.

Larisa is now in on that f-you money.

Is she on a mission to become the Gisele of the baseball community? Does Larisa, 25, have unfinished modeling business to take care of before retiring? We reported a couple weeks ago that she’s now one of the Jockey girls. Is she aiming for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit gig? Is Ryan a freak who likes men looking at his wife? So many questions.

By the way, they still haven’t sent me a thank you note for the $7 honey dipper I sent this last summer for their wedding. I’m waiting.

[via Larisa Fraser]