Ryan Braun & Larisa Fraser Wedding Registries: I Bought The $7 Honey Dipper


Are you still a Ryan Braun fan even after he PED’d his way to the 2011 N.L. MVP and want to get him a wedding gift for his December 7 Malibu, CA nuptials? It’s your lucky day, Braun fan. Ryan and his fiancĂ©e Larisa Fraser have registered at Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma.

Braun, who will now only make about $100 million after he returns to the Brewers next season, is looking for a variety of gifts from a $7 honey dipper (too late, already snagged that – see below) to a $450 Vitamix blender. Fraser, who works as a lingerie model, is a foodie so maybe you want to get her the $350 KitchenAid mixer.

Over at the Macy’s registry, you can buy Braunie a $20 blanket.

Our gift is in the mail:


What Braun landed with his $145 million from the Brewers: