Johnny Manziel Should Bring IG Superstar Jessica Ashley To The NFL Draft



And the “Johnny Manziel Should Bring [hot chick name] to the NFL Draft” rolls along today with Instagram superstar Jessica Ashley. She joins a growing list of ladies we would like to see JFF roll into New York with on his arm(s). Maybe he mixes it up and brings two chicks with him to the green room. That would be a first.

You think ESPN and NFL Network would set all-time records for Draft ratings if Johnny Football had Jessica Ashley and Devin Brugman on his arms? He would be bigger than Broadway Joe.

Imagine for a second that Manziel is in the green room. The Texans go Clowney, Rams go OL, the Jags take Bortles and that leaves the Browns at #4 just salivating at the thought of packing their stadium with Johnny Ohio. He’s just grinning while the two chicks run their hands through his hair.

Tell me that doesn’t sell NFL tickets. Tell me that doesn’t sell shoes and jerseys. Tell me his presence in Cleveland doesn’t send the bar scene into a frenzy with Johnny Ohio Drink Specials.

You can’t.

There should be a feeding frenzy on draft day to get this guy and his stable of hot chicks.

Johnny Ohio Should Bring __________To The NFL Draft

• Jessica Ashley

• Michigan grad

• Playboy’s Miss May 2014

38k IG followers

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