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Meet Sean Payton’s Girlfriend Skylene Montgomery



Sean Payton, 50, was at it again last night at the New Orleans Pelicans home finale. There he was in the front row with a hot chick to his right. That hot chick is his girlfriend Skylene Montgomery, Miss West Virginia USA 2008.

Payton, who went through a divorce in 2012 where he lost his Texas house with a disco room, has been spotted from time to time with Montgomery, 29, at basketball games and at a 2013 Sean Payton Foundation gala.

Otherwise, Montgomery’s public profile has been very low-key. There are no known bikini photo Instagram accounts or a Twitter account documenting life with the Saints head coach.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s believed that Montgomery is the chick that Payton was grinding on at the Atlantis resort in a 2012 video.

Have intel on Montgomery-Payton? Let us know.

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