Florida QB Will Grier's Girlfriend Taylor Walker Is Next Katherine Webb

Just as we lose Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron, we gain freshman Florida QB Will Grier and girlfriend Taylor Walker (@taylor_walker22). This is the evolution of college football. One power couple moves along and in comes new blood.
Grier, who was named Parade’s High School Player of the Year (14,565 career passing yards; 195 TDs; .702 completion %), enrolled early this year in Gainesville where Walker is already a student. The two are already social media celebrities. They are Webb-McCarron and Will hasn’t played in a game yet.
They even posted modeling-esque photos on Instagram for followers to gush over.
They’re Duke-Bortles even though Will suits up for Idaho on August 30 in his first collegiate game. This is the new world we live in. Chicks waste little time locking up first round draft picks. They grab them in high school (Duke & Bortles went to prom together).
And so we move on in college football with the next power couple – Walker-Grier.
*Don’t forget that Florida has a QB named Jeff Driskel coming back.


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