Sean Payton Loses $3.45M Texas Mansion With Disco In Divorce [19 PHOTOS]

She gets the gigantic house that Sean Payton’s NFL coaching salary paid for this year. Payton gets his freedom from his wife, Beth, via divorce. The couple would have celebrated their 20th anniversary on July 11. Tough luck for both of them. She gets to raise two kids and Payton gets to pay alimony & child support for a very long time, according to Ryan Jones of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. She’ll also be holding onto the house with a disco. 

You might remember it was just back in March when we learned Payton & his wife were buying this insane house with over 7,700 sq. ft.

According to the Jones report:

Payton’s original petition for divorce said that he and his wife hoped to divide their estate out of court and to hold joint custody of both children. Beth Payton, however, filed a counter-petition for divorce on June 26 which requested that she be appointed the custodian “who has the exclusive right to designate the primary residence of the children in Tarrant County, Texas.” The petition asks that the court schedule Sean Payton’s access to their children “as necessary to protect the health and well-being of the children.”

So, yeah, Sean’s petition will be denied and his ass will likely be paying some serious house payments for years to come. The pad only cost $3,450,000. He’ll lose $5,800,000 in salary this season due to Bountygate. Plus, Beth will now get to bring men back to Sean’s house where they can party in the disco room. Horrible year for this guy.

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