Johnny Manziel's Girlfriend Kyndal Kyaire Returns To Bottle Service Gig

With her fame starting to build and her short vacation with Johnny Manziel over, Kyndal Kyaire is back in San Diego and working her job as a bottle service chick, according to her latest IG update.
As we all now know, Manziel took Kyaire to Tuesday’s Rangers game where Kyndal showed off her cleavage for cameras taking photos of the first round draft pick.
Me and my lovely #fluxxfoxxes !!! Let’s get Fluxxed Up tonight!” she wrote in her IG update. 
How great is this? Johnny figures out when he can fit Kyaire into one of his trips. He flies her to Dallas. He does what Johnny does when a hot 24-year-old bottle service chick is in his midst. He catches a game. Does his thing. Her ass is back on a plane and working by Thursday night.
The guy is already a pro.
Kyaire now joins Johnny’s stable of hot chicks that could possibly be his arm candy in the green room at the Draft. We all know very, very well about his other chick, Lauren Hanley.
Take a number, ladies. There’s still plenty of time between now and May 8 to steal Johnny’s heart.

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