Tipster: Kyndal Kyaire Is Johnny Manziel’s New Girlfriend



BC reader Will E. tells us the mystery chick who was with Johnny Manziel at last night’s Rangers game is none other than Kyndal Kyaire, a San Diego-based model and bottle service chick at Fluxx Nightclub.

You probably remember that Manziel has been training for the NFL Draft in San Diego since his A&M career ended. We’ll guess that Manziel ran into Kyaire at the grocery store and the two hit it off.

From the look of things, this relationship has progressed to the point that Kyaire has the inside track to be Johnny’s arm candy in New York in May.

According to her Model Mayhem site, Kyndal is 24, an A cup (that seems to have changed) and wears a size 9 shoe.