Oregon Charged Spectators $5 To Watch Cheerleader Tryouts [PHOTOS]

2013 Oregon cheerleader semi-finalists copy

The evolution of NCAA cheerleading took a new step forward last night in Eugene, Oregon. The Ducks cheerleading team (@OregonCheer) held tryouts at Matthew Knight Arena and it wasn’t your normal cheerleading tryout. The general public was encouraged to stop by to watch.

The catch: $5 entrance fee.

By the end of the night, the judges had whittled away the pretenders and announced the semi-finalists (above) that are one step closer to going on a Nike cheerleading uniform shopping spree.

As for this entrance fee thing, it’s a genius idea. You raise some dollars, guys get to show up and scout stalk the cheerleaders and make Vine videos. We’ve always said that if there would ever be a college cheerleading unit to make a bikini calendar, it would be Oregon. This $5 entrance fee is just another step in that direction.

As for what perks an Oregon cheerleader will get if selected, the team spells out your rewards:

  • Cheering for the Ducks at Autzen Stadium, Mattew Knight Arena.
  • Nike apparel, including game uniforms, warm-ups, sweats, shirts, shoes, shorts,
    bags, jackets
  • Access to academic advisor and John Jaqua Services for Student Athletes center with tutors and computers provided free of charge
  • Trainers and doctors
  • Two tickets for family members per game based on available tickets (Veterans all games, rookies 3 games a year)
  • Scholarship awards based on coach’s selection (Maximum Scholarship=$1,100 per term-Fall & Winter Only)
  • All travel paid, including daily per diem (Travel Squad based on Coaches selection).

Ladies piling into the basketball arena.


The calm before the chants.



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