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L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Sarah Watches Game Shows, Likes Peanut Butter [VIDEO]

It’s good news/bad news time for hockey fans. Good news: the Stanley Cup Playoffs start next week, so NHL games will actually mean something. Finally.

Bad news: the L.A. Kings Ice Crew is just about done releasing video diaries of the calendar and uniform photoshoots its members did earlier in the season.

The latest video installment features Miss November, Ice Crew member Sarah. As you can hear in the video, she watches a lot of game shows. It’s a little scary.

She has other passions, though:

The Kings, who have already clinched a playoff spot, resume their regular season on Wednesday night in Calgary against the Flames (10 p.m. ET on TSN).

See see more Ice Crew girls here.

Follow Sarah on Twitter.

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