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L.A. Kings Ice Crew
Apr 20, 2015

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Girls Try On Skirts at Uniform Photo Shoot

It’s been a rough April for Los Angeles Kings fans. No playoffs, and Jarret Stoll’s been strolling around Las Vegas...

Apr 7, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Sarah Watches Game Shows, Likes Peanut Butter [VIDEO]

It’s good news/bad news time for hockey fans. Good news: the Stanley Cup Playoffs start next week, so NHL games...

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Mar 26, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Niki Is A 4’11” Firecracker [PHOTOS]

The L.A. Kings Ice Crew is already in playoff form. As you’ll surely recall, the NHL’s answer to the Dallas...

Mar 19, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Ashley Can Put Her Leg Behind Her Head [VIDEO]

  The L.A. Kings Ice Crew continues to assault your loins by rolling out videos of their calendar and promo...

Mar 3, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Rookie Kelly Is A Former Pageant Queen [PHOTOS]

The L.A. Kings are a perfect 3-0 since the 2013-14 NHL season resumed after the conclusion of the Winter Olympics....

Feb 24, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Rookie Chelsea Helps Welcome Back The NHL Season [PHOTOS]

Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are over, the 2013-14 NHL season can resume, which means hockey fans only have...