Matthew Stafford & Kelly Hall Are Engaged




Matthew Stafford finally asked Kelly Hall to marry him. Here I thought this day would never happen. You know we’re huge fans of Hall-Stafford. She has been very candid about paying for her own implants while Staffs has been very open with his partying. They’re both great for the internet and I hope that this engagement doesn’t mean either will go soft on us.

From Kelly’s IG:

Don’t think I could be any happier!! #icecream

Some of you newbies have no idea how long I’ve been reporting on these two. They were still at Georgia when BC started documenting this relationship. This is like watching your old college friends finally get married. Damn near brings a tear to my eye that both finally found forever love.

I’m going to work my ass off to get Kelly to send me a wedding invite so I can live tweet the reception. Of course I’ll buy them a nice gift. Can’t wait for this party.

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