Reds Superfan Jenn Hardin Is Ready For Opening Day




Some of you might remember Jenn Hardin (@jennhtweet) making her Busted Coverage debut during the 2013 MLB season. You know the story: Bikini fitness competitor, 36, 32Ds, Reds fan.

If you’re a Reds fan and not following Jenn on Twitter, you’re a joke. Delete your Twitter account. She’s the best kind of Reds fan you’re going to find: 32Ds, knows the game, live tweets games, Reds logo underboob, tweets at WLW personalities.

See, what’s great about Jenn is that she is old enough to remember the 1990 World Series and can still pull off underboob. Name another Reds fan that can do that. You can’t.

We don’t want to talk Reds baseball with some airhead that wasn’t born in 1990. Give us Jenn for 162 games.


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