Kelly Hall: Matthew Stafford “DID NOT” Buy My Implants

Disclaimer: We’re long time internet friends with Kelly Hall, girlfriend of Matthew Stafford. We’re big supporters of these two because, frankly, I’d give me left arm to be this guy and have a cool girlfriend who’ll us “tits” in a tweet.

We’re still trying to piece together what happened this morning between Kelly Hall (@kellybhall) and a Detroit radio station that eventually turned into Hall tweeting that Matthew Stafford DID NOT pay for her implants.

Hall, who had her implants back in her University of Georgia days, pulled no punches over what she heard on the radio this morning. She went after 98.7 Amp Radio.

Well.. @987ampradio I think u have been misinformed. Actually bought them myself. Wish some1 else had bc they were pricey #geturfactstraight

And I hope your intern you are trying to set him up with has nice fake tits or it’s a waste of time. #fuckingbums@987ampradio

98.9 vehemently denies they mentioned Hall’s implants and says she must’ve been listening to another station.

She’s not backing down.

We’ve reached out to Kelly for a follow-up comment, but she hasn’t responded. She’s in nursing school so comment might come later today.

Stand by.

Shame on a Detroit station for even thinking of joking that Stafford bought her implants. That would be nearly impossible on his Georgia college stipend.

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