Singer Erin Alvey O’Sullivan Got Chipper Jones To Be In Music Video [PHOTOS]

Chipper Jones VIdeo LEAD

You probably haven’t heard of Erin Alvey O’Sullivan. She’s an aspiring pop/country singer/songwriter from Tybee Island, Georgia.

A lifelong Braves fan, O’Sullivan’s new song is entitled “Tomahawk Love.” You’ll never guess what the song is about…(hint: the song is about the Atlanta Braves).

Well, O’Sullivan filmed a video for the track yesterday, and she got Braves’ legend Chipper Jones to appear in it (above right).

How much is Chipper enjoying retirement? When he’s not killing deer with his Playboy GF, saving Freddie Freeman or hitting the banquet circuit, Larry is having days like this:

Ho-hum! Shot a video. Was on Jeopardy! Average day. As if!!!! I had an awesome day. So much fun being retired. Lovin it!

— Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) March 25, 2014

Who knows if O’Sullivan’s song/album will make her a star, but she showed enough promise to get Chipper on-board. Hell, Taylor Swift started with less of a push than that.

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