Chipper Jones Saved Freddie Freeman From The Snow With His Quad


Chipper Jones Freddie Freeman

Atlanta, and other southern cities, screeched to a halt on Tuesday because of the freak three- to four-inch snowfall in the South. Among those caught in the mess: Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, who left Turner Field in the early afternoon and still found himself stuck in traffic nearly six hours later.

Enter Braves legend Chipper Jones, who is the former MLB player most likely to become a survivalist. When Jones saw that Freeman needed help after spending hours in the Georgia gridlock, he jumped on his four-wheeled ATV and brought Freeman home. Chipper’s girlfriend Taylor Higgins captured the moment (above).

Freeman was grateful:

As we’ve documented a few times this year already, Jones and Freeman, and their significant others Higgins and Chelsea Goff respectively, spend a lot of time together. From wisdom teeth to engagements to setting the woods on fire, this whole thing is really starting to feel like a reality show – like How I Met Your Mother meets Duck Dynasty.

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