Chipper Jones Suit Game Is Off The Charts


Chipper Jones Big Suit

Former Brave Chipper Jones has had a more interesting off-season than most current MLB players. The future Hall of Famer killed a deer with his Playboy model girlfriend, had his wisdom teeth pulled and saved Freddie Freeman from the Atlanta Snowpocalypse.

Chipper also attended the 2014 Chipper Jones Stetson Baseball Golf Classic and gala dinner at LPGA International in Daytona Beach, Fla. last week (Feb. 13-14). Larry and girlfriend Taylor Higgins joined his parents, Larry Sr. and Lynne, and a few friends all to raise funds for Stetson’s baseball program. (Chipper was born in the university’s home town of DeLand, Fla.)

In a picture presumably taken at the golf gala
, Chipper was decked out in a light gray suit, while Miss Higgins wore a relatively demure dress.

Wait a minute. Is Chipper wearing the jacket of the Shaq suit whose pants were famously borrowed by Tracy McGrady last year?

He very well might be. We know Chipper isn’t the same svelte guy that he was during his playing days, but after making more than $168 million in his career, you’d think he’d have a tailor on-call to bring his suits in line with his body.

Chipper’s next benefit event is at Greenville, S.C. on Monday. We’ll see if his wardrobe improves by then.

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