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Rob Ryan Throwing Beads As Grand Marshal Of Mardi Gras Parade

Rob Ryan was not going to let a pesky rainstorm rob him of his moment as grand marshal of Mardi Gras. The Saints defensive coordinator wore a Drew Brees jersey and tossed beads and doubloons to the crowd in New Orleans as the Fat Tuesday celebration rolled on in the city this morning.

To our knowledge, Ryan hasn’t joined up with that legion of dancing paraders impersonating him, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

To be fair, lots of people are jumping in on the Rob Ryan love-fest this Mardi Gras:

Rob Ryan Twin

Killer costume, dude. We’ll keep watching out for more pics of soaked Rob Ryan and his bead-y exploits at Mardi Gras today.

Top Photo: @KathrynMount

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