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Peyton Manning’s Goatee

Peyton Manning officially debuted his new goatee over the weekend at the Kansas City 101 Awards ceremony, a pretty big deal amongst NFL players.

According to the AP:

Kansas City’s Andy Reid was honored as the AFC Coach of the Year on Saturday at the NFL 101 Awards, and Carolina’s Ron Rivera — Reid’s former protege — took the NFC award.

One of Reid’s former players, Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy was selected the NFC Offensive Player of the Year, and Denver quarterback Peyton Manning took the AFC award for the eighth time.

What does the goatee mean? Is Manning trying to send a message to the NFL? Midlife crisis? Did he defy his wife to go with the goat?

ESPN (Sal Pal) needs to get some answers.

Picture 1

[Top photo via @gwencamerlinck]

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