Dancing Rob Ryans Ruled A Pre-Mardi Gras Krewe [VIDEO]


Rob Ryan is officially a New Orleans legend. The Saints defensive coordinator is slated to be the grand marshal for the Krewe of Argus on Mardi Gras in New Orleans (that’s this Tuesday, kids).

The party got started early in New Orleans on Friday with the Le Krewe D’Etat parade and other processions. As you can see, the Krewe paid tribute to the grand marshal with a troupe of Dancin’ Samsons of the Sidelines, who shook their bellies to “The Cupid Shuffle,” “Sweet Caroline” and more.

Ryan himself looked extremely dapper wearing a black tie and tails while riding a limo to the event (below). Since the party really won’t stop until early Wednesday morning, we expect more pictures of Ryan during his glorious tenure as the grand marshal of Mardi Gras.

Dancing Rob Ryan Krewe 2

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