Chipper Jones’ Girlfriend Played Nurse For Him After Wisdom Tooth Surgery


Chipper Jones retired from the big leagues in 2012. You might think that a man who made more than $168 million during his 19-year career would have found time to get his wisdom teeth yanked during one of those off-seasons. Nope.

In fairness, it would have cut into his hunting time.

Jones, now 41, had surgery to remove his wisdom teeth on Tuesday. Larry tweeted about the aftermath with Playboy-posing girlfriend Taylor Higgins and some nice Percs by his side.

We’ll let Chipper off the hook for waiting until he hit middle-age to have his wisdom teeth yanked. If most guys had a private nurse like Higgins, they’d make up ailments to get special care-taking from her.

Yes, that's my real name.
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