Buy This Tom Brady Patriots Pilot Helmet For $250

Talk to me, Gronk!… The New England Patriots will play in their third consecutive AFC title game this Sunday in Denver. It’s the eighth AFC Championship Game for New England head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.
Can they get to their sixth Super Bowl?
The bigger question for Pats’ fans: how the hell did you watch the past AFC title games without this full-size New England Patriots pilot helmet? It’s available now on Boston’s Craigslist for $250. An extra $75 will get you a full-size helmet case.

New England Patriots Full Size Pilot Helmet With Tom Brady Numbers & Logos. This is the Real Deal not a Replica Helmet. It also has two slid down visors, 1 clear & 1 sun visor, great for any man town.

Has any starting quarterback ever been more Maverick than Tom Brady? No one. No way.
And Belichick? Either he based his demeanor on Tom Skeritt’s Viper character from Top Gun, or Skeritt stole Belichick’s demeanor for the role.
Doesn’t matter. If you’re a Pats’ fan. This is a must-have item.


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