First Photo Of Lane Kiffin Recruiting For Alabama

That’s Lane Kiffin recruiting this morning for Alabama, the first known photo of Lane in his Crimson Tide gear. It’s one of those days Alabama fans will never forget.
We don’t know who the dude on the left is. This was at a recruiting stop. The guys at WJOX are told that this was taken at a hatchery. We’re still trying to figure out what Kiffin is recruiting at a hatchery, but that’s the story.
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According to a report from BamaOnline, new Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin hit the road early Thursday to visit Oxford running back Racean “Roc” Thomas, who was named “Mr. Football” for the state of Alabama on Wednesday.

Thomas committed to Auburn in August. The guy reportedly runs a 4.48-second 40-yard dash. Imagine why Lane is visiting Thomas (@El_GoldenChild). Nick wants to get faster on offense, run more plays, play up-tempo.

Lane Kiffin working for Nick Saban before signing day. It’s happening.
[via @StephenSwann1]

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