Brian Hartline Engaged To Kara Conard

If you’re a speedy six-foot or shorter white guy who isn’t afraid to go over the middle, make the tough catches and be called a “possession receiver” by broadcasters, there is a giant pot of dollars and poon waiting for you in the NFL.
Brian Hartline is cashing in.
He recently got engaged to the lovely Kara Conard (@karaconard), an Ohio State grad.
I remember Harts coming out of Ohio State (Welker was just starting to light it up) and thinking that he’d be a token white wide receiver who’d return some punts, play on third down and be an afterthought. The guy was kinda a tool who used to bend over his then-girlfriend. Then the NFL started to figure out that you couldn’t win unless a little white dude was catching passes all over the field.
That led to Hartline getting paid in the form of a five-year, $30.77 million contract in March 2013.
The lesson, kids: Little white guys don’t have to give up on your dreams of getting rich playing wide receiver in the NFL and marrying a hot piece of ass. Wes Welker (married former Miss Hooters International) and Harts have shown that both are possible.
Sure, you might end up with concussion syndrome issues, but at least you’ll enjoy 10-15 years of your life.

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